McDonald’s Monopoly 2023

McDonald’s Monopoly

Everything you must know about the McDonald’s Monopoly promotion.

What is the McDonalds Monopoly Promotion?

McDonald’s Monopoly is a promotion game run by McDonald’s and is based on the traditional Monopoly board game. In essence, players are offered the chance to win prizes by buying food items at McDonalds and accumulating the appropriate pieces of the game, a few of which are made to match the property spaces on the Monopoly board.

Three kinds of game pieces or tokens are obtained. Instant win tokens give you instant prizes like food items from the menu at the restaurant. Online receipts offer codes that can be inserted on websites to get discounts or enter into an award draw.

However, the property game pieces are the most lucrative winnings. They are the pieces that match the spaces on the Monopoly board. They must be collected with other properties of the same color to win winnings.

In the UK the UK, you must be at the age of 16 years old to be able to take part in the Monopoly promotion.

McDonalds Monopoly

What Are the McDonald’s Monopoly Prizes?

The precise list of prizes associated with the Monopoly promotion changes from year to year, as the awards for 2020 have yet to be revealed. The previous editions of the instant win prizes comprised free cheeseburgers or a complimentary drink, which could be used in the restaurant during the event.

The most expensive prize offered in the 2019 UK version of McDonald’s Monopoly was a PS100,000 cash prize to collect both properties with dark blue (Mayfair as well as Park Lane). The exact cash prize is also on for other countries. Additionally, accumulating the three green properties enabled players to take home the Mini Cooper, and other tips included holidays and a PS4 console.

When is the McDonalds Monopoly 2020 Promotion Due to Begin?

The 2020 McDonalds Monopoly campaign was initially scheduled to launch in the UK on the 25th of March. It was expected to run for 41 consecutive days, meaning it could have ended at the beginning of May. The McDonald’s fast-food chain revealed that the campaign was delayed this year due to the impact of the COVID-19 virus.

It is believed that McDonalds Monopoly will return in 2020. However, the expectations are that the starting date will now be earlier in the calendar after some of the more stringent restrictions on Coronavirus have been eased.

McDonald’s Monopoly is expected to start again in The UK, Germany, Australia and Canada. There needs to be a plan for promotions for America. United States. If your country isn’t conducting the rise, you can still get cash prizes and coupons when you fill out the McDvoice customer satisfaction survey.

What Are the Chances of Winning a McDonalds Monopoly Prize?

According to McDonald’s, their odds of winning a prize that is instant win through the Monopoly promotion are about one in five. That means that 20 per cent of tickets offer something of value. The most popular Instant Win prize can be described as a medium-sized fry, and chances of winning this prize range from one-in-25 to one-in-30.

But the odds of winning any of the bigger prizes are significantly less than this, and the chances decline with the worth of the winning prize. In the UK, in the last few years, there have only been four cash prizes of PS100,000 to be won every year. However, about 500 PS4 consoles and 400 mobile phones came with the option of a one-year free contract.

In Canada, In recent times, the most prize was the cash prize of $50,000. The odds of winning this prize are estimated to be around one million.

How Can I Improve My Chances of Winning a Prize?

The most effective way to increase your chances of winning a prize in this McDonalds Monopoly promotion is to order more items on the menu. It is beneficial to think strategically about the items on the menu you purchase because they’re included in the promotion or the number of game pieces available.

There is also speculation that, in the case of online prizes, you could increase your odds by avoiding entering codes during high-volume times. This means that you should avoid the most frequent meals, and completing principles before dawn or later in the night can increase your chances of winning prizes.

Which Menu Items Provide Monopoly Tokens or Game Pieces?

Some items on the McDonald’s menu include game pieces to play The Monopoly promotion. However, many of the most well-known food items offer them. For example, McDonald’s Big Tasty Burger and the Chicken Legend have three game pieces. The same is true for any item in the Signature Collection and any medium or large-size soft beverage.

Most menu items, such as large or medium fries and McFlurry Ice creams, include two game pieces. This is why most meals purchased from McDonald’s come with at least a few game tokens.

Which Rare McDonald’s Monopoly Tokens Should I Look Out For?

The most valuable and rare Monopoly tokens to search for are dark blue tokens. They are known by distinct names in different parts of the world. In the UK, the dark blue pieces are called Mayfair or Park Lane, but in Canada, they’re known by the name of Boardwalk and Park Place. If you own both, you will win the most cash reward.

Other rare pieces include the red, yellow, and green details. Getting the entire set in any of these colors could bring you a prize, including the opportunity to go on holiday, a games console or even an iPhone.

McDonald’s Monopoly Codes

Indeed, the McDonald’s Monopoly Code for tokens is a little, but McDonald’s has given prizes at certain times of the day.

The McDonald’s Monopoly game runs for 41 days, and players win cash prizes when they collect winning tokens and combinations by entering exclusive McDonald’s Monopoly codes into the game online.

Every McDonald’s Monopoly token is accompanied by an individual McDonald Monopoly code, which you can enter through the McDonald’s website to get cash prizes of up to PS100 vouchers and TV passes for NOW.

It’s, in fact, not the McDonald Monopoly algorithm that decides whether you are a winner instead of the time you start the McDonald’s contest. It is unknown what the “winning moments” are or how long they last. You are, therefore, at risk regardless of the McDonald’s Monopoly coupon you select. It’s all down to timing.

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